Mattermost Cloud Free is closing: free alternatives to self-host

Mattermost has recently announced the closure of their “Mattermost Cloud Free” plan , leaving many users searching for an alternative. Fear not, as there are plenty of self-hosted Slack and Mattermost competitors available for your team to consider.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top alternatives, including Zulip, Rocket.Chat Community Edition, and Get ready to discover the perfect platform for your team’s collaboration needs.

Zulip: Open Source Team Chat with a Unique Twist

Zulip Logo Zulip is an open-source team chat platform that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations. With a robust API and a large number of integrations, Zulip is an excellent alternative to Mattermost Cloud Free for those looking for a self-hosted solution.

Zulip’s threaded conversations make it easy for team members to stay organized and focused on relevant topics. It also includes keyboard shortcuts, markdown support, and drag-and-drop file uploads, making it a powerful option for developers and other tech-savvy users.

Zulip was, in fact, one of the first companies to call out Mattermost’s benefitting scheme of getting the open-source community to develop their product and then dropping the free plan in this blog post .

Site: Zulip

Rocket.Chat: Flexible and Scalable Open Source Chat

Rocket.Chat Logo Rocket.Chat Community Edition is an open-source chat platform that provides a highly customizable and scalable solution for team communication. It supports unlimited users and channels, making it a fantastic choice for teams of any size looking for a self-hosted alternative to Mattermost Cloud Free.

Rocket.Chat offers a wide range of features that match some of the Mattermost options. Additionally, it provides an extensive marketplace for apps and integrations, ensuring you have all the tools you need to collaborate effectively.

Site: Rocket.Chat A Comprehensive Collaboration Suite

Twake Logo Twake is an all-in-one collaboration platform that combines chat, task management, and document collaboration into a single interface. With its self-hosted version, Twake offers a powerful alternative to Mattermost Cloud Free for teams looking to centralize their collaboration tools.

Twake’s integrated task management and document collaboration tools help teams stay organized and streamline their workflows by having a tight integration with Office. Additionally, Twake’s chat functionality supports threaded conversations, file sharing, and real-time notifications, making it an excellent choice for seamless communication, besides VideoConferences and Disk & Sharing solutions.


Making the Switch: How to Choose the Right Alternative

Mattermost UI

When selecting an alternative to Mattermost Cloud Free, it’s essential to consider your team’s specific needs and preferences. Take the time to evaluate which features are most important for your team’s productivity and how each platform’s user interface aligns with your team’s workflow.

Another critical factor to consider is the ease of migration from Mattermost to your chosen alternative. Look for platforms that provide import tools or support for moving your data and conversations. Additionally, ensure that the alternative you choose supports integrations with the tools and services your team already uses.

As Mattermost Cloud Free comes to an end, there’s no need to worry! With options like Zulip, Rocket.Chat Community Edition, and available, you can easily find a self-hosted alternative that meets your team’s communication and collaboration needs. By evaluating each platform’s unique features, user interface, and integration capabilities, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the perfect Mattermost Cloud Free alternative