Free sites to download MP3: the best from the Internet

Download music in mp3 format from the internet is a very common practice, but it is not always easy to find the right site to download the songs you want. In this article we will see the best sites to download music in mp3 from the internet, so that you can always have your favorite songs with you.

Most of the websites listed here include some form of ads. We recommend using an ad blocker to avoid them, as some of them might pose as false download buttons.

Consult your local laws about downloading MP3 content from the Internet.

Quickly rising to prominence as one of the biggest free mp3 music download websites globally, is a US-based platform offering a plethora of free mp3s. It combines this offering with YouTube videos, reflecting a new wave of free mp3 music download websites, particularly as YouTube to MP3 converters gain popularity.

With on the verge of becoming one of the 500 largest sites in the US and breaking into the global top 1,000, it recently started garnering over 60 million visitors a month. This impressive traffic can likely be attributed to its layout, which fuses a YouTube viewer with simple MP3 audio downloads.


Experiencing a meteoric rise, has become one of the most rapidly growing free mp3 music download services online. Currently approaching 27 million unique monthly visitors, the site is projected to exceed 50 million monthly visits by the end of the year.

Launched fairly recently, the India-based website has seen month-over-month growth exceeding 50%. Offering a blend of Western pop and Bollywood music, facilitates speedy downloads in the US and other countries while claiming DMCA protection.


Zing MP3

Although Zing MP3 may be unfamiliar to many, it is the ninth-largest website in Vietnam and the fourth-largest free mp3 music download hub globally. It receives over 60 million visits per month, targeting Vietnamese and Southeast Asian audiences while also featuring major US hits.

Zing MP3, found at, combines videos, lyrics, and downloads into a single interface, reflecting a growing trend among free mp3 music download destinations.



MP3XD is among the 50 largest sites in Mexico and one of the top 1,000 sites worldwide. Drawing over 30 million monthly visitors, the site provides free mp3 music downloads for a wide range of songs, from Mexican and Latino music to popular hits by artists like Drake and Kaskade.

MP3XD caters predominantly to visitors from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Colombia.


As a Russian mp3 music download heavyweight, Zaycev offers a vast selection of free media, including numerous chart-topping tracks for download. Receiving over 30 million monthly visitors, the site ranks among Russia’s top 80 sites.

However, downloads have been disabled for US visitors, which could indicate a recent crackdown or a precautionary measure. Nonetheless, Zaycev remains a massive mp3 music download hub with a global ranking slightly above 1,100.


New Album Releases

Focusing on the latest releases, New Album Releases has recorded nearly 80 million visits in 2017 alone. The free MP3 download site offers multiple links to various music genres, including electronic, indie, jazz, blues, pop, rap, and rock.


Other alternatives

If none of the above sites work for you, you can try these other alternatives. They all have one thing in common: they can take a Youtube video and convert it to MP3. This is a great way to get the music you want. Make sure you check your local laws before using these sites as well:

  • Youtube to MP3:
  • Youtube to MP3:
  • OnlyMP3:
  • Online Video Converter Pro:
  • X2Download App:
  • Y2Mate:
  • YT1SS:
  • YTBViodeoly:
  • ListenVid:
  • YT5S:

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