Best document scanning apps for Android and iOS

The demand for convenient, efficient document scanning solutions has grown exponentially in recent years. As a result, the market now has a tremendous amount of challengers and competitors in the smartphone apps designed to scan documents using your iOS or Android devices. Let’s explore some of the best smartphone document scanner apps available for both iOS and Android, making it easier for you to choose the right one to fit your needs.

Best document scanning apps for Android and iOS

We will provide you with a few options, for both Android and iOS. It’s important to ensure you trust the organizations behind these tools since scanning sensitive documents might mean they could end up in the hands of a company you don’t trust.

Big companies like Adobe and Microsoft could be more trustworthy on keeping your data safe, but they also tend to use that same data to train their systems. Use discretion!

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a powerful, user-friendly app for iOS and Android that employs optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert your scanned documents into searchable, editable PDFs. It automatically detects the edges of your documents and enhances the image quality, making it a top choice for professionals and casual users alike.

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Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is a versatile scanning app that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite, allowing you to scan and save documents as Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Office Lens also boasts OCR capabilities, making it an ideal option for those already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

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CamScanner has garnered a reputation for being one of the most reliable document scanning apps available. It offers advanced image processing, OCR functionality, and compatibility with iOS and Android. With a premium subscription, you can unlock additional features like password protection and document watermarking.

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A few years ago, CamScanner had a major security incident: The app was loaded with Malware (a trojan, to be specific). While the company has since taken steps to fix the issue, it’s important to note that being a closed source app, it’s impossible to know for sure if it’s still vulnerable or if it carries any kind of additional malware.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you may want to consider using a different app.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a smart document scanner app with a robust set of features, including OCR, image enhancement, and automatic document organization. Available for iOS and Android, Genius Scan offers a free version with basic functionality, as well as a premium option for added features and cloud synchronization capabilities.

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Scanbot is a feature-rich scanning app that provides users with a sleek interface and advanced capabilities. Compatible with iOS and Android, it offers automatic edge detection, OCR functionality, and seamless integration with popular cloud storage services. With a pro subscription, users can access additional features like smart file naming and automatic document upload.

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Scanbot isn’t really marketed as a document scanning app. It is in fact a tool that other developers can embed in their own apps. However, it’s also available as a standalone app, and it’s a pretty good one! The features here are more complete in their Android app, because their iOS app is split into several different apps, each with a different feature set.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is a fast, intuitive app that allows users to scan documents, business cards, and receipts with ease. Integrated with the Evernote ecosystem, Scannable is compatible with iOS and Android devices and offers cloud storage options for easy organization and access to your scanned documents.

Get the app for iOS . It’s not available for Android.

Selecting the best smartphone document scanner app for your iOS or Android device depends on your unique requirements and preferences. Each of these apps offers an array of features to enhance your document scanning experience. From Adobe Scan’s exceptional OCR capabilities to Evernote Scannable’s integration with the Evernote ecosystem, there is a solution tailored to suit the needs of professionals and casual users alike.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best document scanner apps?

The best apps are Adobe Scan, Microsoft Office Lens, CamScanner, Genius Scan, Scanbot and Evernote Scannable. They are all free and available for both iOS and Android, with the exception of Evernote Scannable which is only available for iOS.

Is CamScanner safe?

CamScanner had a malware issue in 2019. The company has since fixed the issue and the app is safe to use again. However, we recommend using one of the other apps mentioned in this article.

Is Evernote Scannable available for Android?

No, Evernote Scannable is only available for iOS. For Android, we recommend using one of the other apps mentioned in this article.