Learn Spanish: suggestions and recommendations to help you learn Spanish

With over 460 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Whether you’re planning to travel, work, or simply broaden your cultural horizons, learning Spanish can be a rewarding and enriching experience! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best ways to learn the language and offer some practical insights into estimating the time it may take to become proficient in Spanish.

Watch TV Shows and Movies in Spanish

A great recommendation is to watch TV shows and movies in Spanish. This is a great way to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time. You can watch your favorite shows and movies in Spanish with subtitles of your own native language, or you can watch them with subtitles in Spanish.

Here are some of the best TV shows and movies to watch in Spanish:

Money Heist “Money Heist” (La Casa de Papel)

This popular Spanish series follows a group of robbers as they plan and execute heists. It offers a mix of drama, suspense, and action, providing exposure to various Spanish accents and expressions.

Narcos “Narcos”

A gripping crime drama series that explores the rise and fall of drug kingpins in Colombia. It primarily uses Spanish and offers an opportunity to learn informal conversational language and slang.

Elite “Elite”

A Spanish teen drama series set in an elite private school. The show addresses issues like relationships, privilege, and societal tensions, allowing you to familiarize yourself with contemporary Spanish vocabulary and expressions.

La Casa de las Flores “Casa de las Flores” (The House of Flowers)

This Mexican dark comedy series revolves around a wealthy family with hidden secrets. It features a mix of humour and drama and showcases Mexican Spanish language and culture.

Distrito Salvaje “Wild District” (Distrito Salvaje)

A Colombian political thriller that centers around a former guerrilla fighter trying to reintegrate into society. The series offers exposure to Colombian Spanish and addresses relevant social and political themes.

Please be aware that the availability of shows on Netflix can vary depending on your location, so you should check Netflix directly for the most up-to-date and region-specific offerings.

Join a Spanish group (online or in person)

Many areas have individuals looking to either chat with people who speak or are learning their mother tongue. You can search for groups in your area using Google, Facebook, Discord, Meetup.com and other social media platforms to find a group that works for you!

Download a language learning app

Apps like Duolingo , FluentU , Memrise , or Rosetta Stone have all been proven to not only help you learn Spanish (among other languages) but retain the information you learn after too! All of these options offer free trials and inexpensive plans!

Duolingo and other apps can help you learn Spanish with ease

Pick up a Spanish cookbook

Below are some affiliated links to cookbooks that are written in Spanish. Getting to know a recipe often comes down to memorization, which is the perfect tool to help you learn a new language. Cookbooks that have pictures in them will help you identify ingredients too!

With these tools, you are quickly on your way to becoming fluent in Spanish and learning Spanish within a year! Remember, language learning is not merely about reaching a destination; it’s about embracing the journey and appreciating the cultural insights and personal growth it brings. How fast you can learn Spanish is up to you!

So, whether you’re just beginning or well on your way, keep the flame of curiosity burning bright and continue to explore the beauty of the Spanish language. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)