How to catch a Lingcod in Stardew Valley

The Lingcod fish in Stardew valley is one of the most difficult fish in the game to catch. Most people might overlook this fish and give up before even trying due to the level of difficulty, but for those of you wishing to reach 100% completion of the game and/or want to complete Willy’s “Catch a Lingcod” quest, keep reading to find the best ways on how to catch a lingcod!

Where to catch a Lingcod

Like most fish, the Lingcod can only be caught in certain areas of Stardew Valley. Head on over to the River (both in Town and the Cindersap Forest section of the river) or the Mountain Lake. That’s where you will find the Lingcod!

Stardew Valley Location on where to catch a Lingcod

When is it possible to catch a Lingcod

Unlike most fish in Stardew, the Lingcod can be caught at ANY time of the day during ANY weather! However, it must be Winter in order to catch it.

Lingcod can be caught regardless of season using Magic Bait

Being an 85 difficulty - only slightly behind several Legendary Fish, the Octopus, the Lava Eel, and the Scorpion Carp - catching the Lingcod is no small feat: To increase your odds of catching it, make sure you are using an Iridium Pole with Bait and tackle attached to it.

Iridium Pole

The tackle that will probably be the most helpful is the Trap Bobber. This tackle causes the fish to escape slower when you are reeling them in.

Trap Bobber

What to do after catching a Lingcod

If you have already completed Willy’s Quest and are wondering what you can do with your Lingcod besides just selling it, here are a few options:


Putting Lingcod in a Fish Pond will eventually produce Roe which can be turned into Aged Roe when put into a Preserves Jar

Lingcod Recipes

Lingcod can be used to make these three recipes: Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi

Fishing vest

Lingcod can also be used in the Sewing Machine spool to create the Fishing Vest.

It may also randomly appear in Krobus’ shop on Wednesdays for 200g, or at the Traveling Cart for 360–1,000g.